Why Windows 10 sucks? Top reasons

After a long dominance in the market of new software Windows 10, some began to perceive it as the final branch in the evolution of the most popular system in the world. The presentation of Windows 11 refuted this, but it will be more than a month before the 11 will win the hearts of users. In the meantime, it makes sense to deal with the pros and cons of Windows 10.

What can be said about the new Windows version?

 Windows 10 is the latest operating system. Such rapid popularity of the OS is due to the fact that the developers have taken into account all the critical comments and created a system that meets all the wishes of users. Windows 10 is a platform suitable for many electronic devices: smartphones, tablets, etc.

Friendly interface suitable for regular and touch displays. There is a set of all functions for comfortable work – this is the 10th. This version is best compatible with high-resolution screens. It supports two active desktops, which is especially convenient for users who work with images and videos.

According to the fact that this operating system is the latest in the Windows lineup, Microsoft will be required to support this software, which is no longer the case with XP or Vista, which have been discontinued.

Reasons to refuse from Windows 10

Among the most common Windows 10 sucks can be defined the following:

  • Poor upgrades cause chaos on a Windows 10 PC

The main disadvantage of this operating system is that it has just a terrible system of updates. Updates are installed automatically before your computer is turned on and off. Most often, after that, the electronic device refuses to turn on because there are problems during installation. The company regularly sends its users updates about bugs that break random things. There are updates for Windows 10 that make Bluetooth devices disappear, show strange warnings, provoke unusual bursts of processors that make Windows 10 run slowly for no apparent reason and more.

  • Obsessive advertising everywhere

Some embedded programs display fraudulent advertisements that can harm the user. The problem affects many programs and services, including Microsoft News and Weather. Malicious banner ads are mistakenly selected by Microsoft servers and displayed to users.

  • Collection of personal information

Microsoft can now easily collect your personal information: location, browser history, etc. The operating system automatically sends the necessary information and user statistics directly to the corporation. Microsoft is reluctant to comment on such feedback, reassuring people that all the data is needed to further improve the company’s products. But many doubt the veracity of the words of the soft giant.

  • Complex hierarchy

This software has extremely complex and confusing settings, and they are further divided into tablets and computers. Instead of one clear menu of settings, the creators of Windows 10 use several of them, and they consist of several levels and sections, which makes it difficult to deal with the “top ten” even for an advanced user, not to mention a beginner.

  • Limited free

The Windows 10 operating system is supplied by the developer as a service, assuming the release of updates throughout the Microsoft support cycle. During the first 12 months after the system entered the world software market, users were offered to update for free, but then they need to buy a license

  • No Windows Media Center media player.

Media Center is not officially available for Windows 10 and is not supported. That is, users who previously had Windows 7 + WMC will not be able to enjoy Windows Media Center in Windows 10.