The Ultimate of 2020: McAfee vs Avast

In 2020, antivirus software is diverse and having various advantages and disadvantages depending on the company standing behind it’s releases. In this McAfee vs Avast ultimate comparison, you can see which proposition is better and why.

Let’s check every antivirus separately first.


McAfee Total Protection provides the user with the almost complete set of Internet protection instruments one might ever think about. Among those, there are:

Extra-class security denying malware threads including ransomware pieces, spyware apps and classical viruses;

Internet surfing safety module;

Cloud storage protected with the latest encryption algorithms;

The comfortable password manager.

Even if McAfee Total Protection had only the anti-virus module to offer, it would still be a worthy proposition for anyone. Additionally, it includes some bonus functions like safety instruments building up the full-scale defense line around all possible gateways for potential digital infections to infiltrate into your system.


Avast is an outstanding brand and software that is known and admired by users from all over the globe due to the reliable security from Trojans and viruses it is able to provide in real time. The latest iteration of this software has the pretty understandable user interface design, a bunch of featured functions (Intelligent Scanner, AutoSandbox, etc.), improved optimization and performance. But of course, the most serious advantage of Avast is their signature database which is among the most complete ones in the world and updates on a daily basis.  

The popularity of Avast is so wide mostly because of its free version. The key features of Avast Free Antivirus are:

A complete antivirus database with regular updates;

Wonderful real-time protection against rootkit malware solutions;

The network firewall that protects the system while you surf the Web;

A contemporary, well-optimized engine providing the app with really cool performance;

Auto and Gaming mode presets available;

The Safezone browser to protect surfing even more seriously;

A comfortable desktop widget;

Well-processed and understandable user interface.

And of course, the main advantage by Avast should be mentioned here separately. The free version provides every user with the full set of functions. However, to get access to some cool instruments and solutions, one will be required to pay for a license.

Direct Comparison

Both Avast and McAfee use the extended behavioral identification opportunities to locate and isolate malware. These solutions work well for both known threats and zero-day attacks. Additionally, two providers offer phishing and ransomware countermeasures. What is different between them? Those are their additional functionality solutions and instruments.

McAfee users receive the upgraded firewall, additional protection for Wi-Fi networks and social media accounts. Additionally, the security control console lets you check all your devices under the McAfee’s protection from one place and also reveal and delete the data from them when necessary.

Avast offers security instruments for both Mac and Windows OS solutions, but does not provide users with the equal safety standard compared to McAfee, and doesn’t cover multiple devices. Still, the possibility to scan Wi-Fi networks, store passwords under protection and change PC or browser settings to delete the unwanted apps and instruments is present here as well.

However, the main point of advantage for Avast is the price. The subscription plan variety from this company is generally much cheaper, and they also offer the free version of the app. Avast is also the client support leader. Both companies offer interactive guides and phone support, but Avast also has the real-time chatting function that is especially useful when you are away from the phone and on the rush.


Both companies have their featured advantages. The points of focus about Avast are flexibility, additional instruments and a set of payment options to gain the most useful functions you need. In a turn, McAfee suits perfectly when you need to protect multiple devices with a single license and to secure kids from Internet threats.