Godaddy Domains

Godaddy is one of the well-known domain registrars and web hosting companies. It claims that more than 30% of the domains registered in it are serving on the web. It has sold more than 59 million domains to date.

You will be able to register almost all the TLD’s from Godaddy except a few of them which may be unknown to you. So, you can be sure that the domain extension you want can be bought via Godaddy. Buying domains from Godaddy are really easy. Most of the new bloggers are interested in buying domains from Godaddy. The main reason they go for Godaddy is the pricing of the first year. The pricing of the .com domain is as low as $0.99 for the first year if you use the Godaddy coupons that are updated from time to time. In order to get the domains at a cheap price, you should not check the extra features that are provided by Godaddy which may not be required to you if you are a new blogger.

Godaddy Domain renewal charge:

Several newbies do not know about the higher renewal charges of the domains they buy in Godaddy. Domain renewal charge is $14.99 after the first year. If you are in the blogging field, you should always target for the long run. A single year is a very short phase for achieving a good result from the website and nobody can guarantee whether you will earn a high amount or not. If you won’t be able to renew the domain, all of your hard work will result in nothing.

The built links, quality content in the site and the branding of your domain all will be lost. So, be careful about the renewal charges of Godaddy. Never think that you are blogging only for a single year and will earn thousands of dollars easily. You will be able to earn maximum easily only in the dreams. Blogging life is really difficult. So, the renewal charges should not be a big deal for you if you want to buy a domain in Godaddy.

Godaddy’s domain registrar is awesome is all the aspects. Changing the Nameservers is a very fast process and there is good customer support as well. Only, the drawback is higher renewal charges of the domains. Maybe Godaddy did this in order to attract more new users and make them register a domain at a very low cost.

To buy a domain in Godaddy, simply visit the official site. Type the URL of the domain you want to register. You may as well as may not enter the domain extension, like .com, .net, etc. The site will itself load the domain names along with the available extensions. The search result may not contain the exact domain names you are searching for if it is already registered. Some of the domains, especially domain names with less than five characters are very expensive one as they are regarded premium.

Hope you have become clear about the Godaddy Domains. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Have a great day.