Best Virtual Data Room Software to Protect and Manage

Information is the oil of the new age. However, it can cost a lot of money, so every business diligently tries to protect any of their data. Virtual rooms are reliable assistants in this matter. With VDR services, you can protect your data, conduct transactions in a secure environment, and ensure all departments’ smooth operation and communication.

Best examples of virtual data room

If you want to choose the virtual data rooms, then you should pay attention to the following options:

  • iDeals.
  • Firmex.
  • Firmex.
  • DealRoom.
  • SecureDocs Data Room.
  • Digify.
  • Caplinked.
  • Vitrium Security.
  • Ansarada.
  • Onehub.

These services differ from each other only in cost and richness of functionality. Some programs are designed for large businesses – they are quite expensive. They are used for mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, and organizing a large enterprise’s work.

A lower price and less functionality characterize virtual rooms for small businesses. However, it is more than enough for small and medium enterprises.

The security of information stored in all virtual rooms is at its best – bank encryption keys, multi-factor authentication, and access settings are used.

VDR… saving money?!

Yes! A virtual data room can save your business a lot of money. First of all, you do not spend money on organizing a physical server that would be in your office. You don’t even need to find a place for it in the office. Also, thanks to VDR, you do not buy such technologies:

  • WAF complex. It is a firewall for web applications, the main functions of which are to detect and block attacks.
  • Firewalls (FW). Firewalls are a digital security barrier around the IT infrastructure that secures the network and prevents unauthorized access.
  • Antivirus. An antivirus is a program that detects infection and takes actions to eliminate it: it disinfects or deletes infected files.
  • DLP is a set of tools and processes to prevent the loss and misuse of sensitive data.
  • Postal protection. The main line of defense for corporate mail is a secure gateway.
  • SIEM systems. These systems collect and aggregate data from the entire IT infrastructure, from host systems and applications to security devices.

VDR relieves you of the need to pay for these services.

How to properly implement a virtual room?

Staff awareness of how to work with the virtual data room is essential.

  1. Raising awareness. Regular intra-corporate webinars and training in the basics of information security are vital for every company. This helps raise employee awareness and ensure they have the skills to detect and counter-attacks.
  2. Separation of rights and roles of employees. The full access of each employee to all company data has risks – leakage of customer bases, insider trading, and disclosure of information about innovative activities. Therefore, companies must define user access rights to corporate systems, files, and equipment.

These tips will help you get 100% of your data room.

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